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Sisters blossom at the Enchanted Grounds café in Raton

Sisters blossom at the Enchanted Grounds café in Raton

RATON — Jessica Barfield and Katie Feldman are sisters who have teamed up to create an enchanting experience in Raton. They are the proud new owners of Enchanted Grounds, the popular café well-known to locals and travelers for their delicious salads, sandwiches, coffee, teas, and specialty drinks. Though they have made delightful changes to the décor and subtle additions to their menu, the name remains the same as it holds fond memories for the girls.

“As a high school student I used to do my homework here and fell in love with Enchanted Grounds” said Feldman. So it was no surprise that when she heard it was up for sale, she made a call to her sister, who was also excited about the opportunity. Both girls were born and raised in Raton, with Barfield graduating from Maxwell in 2002 and Feldman from Raton in 2005. Barfield combines her business degree and experience of working at Starbucks together with Feldman’s restaurant and barista experience to breathe life into one of their long-time dreams. Armed with their best friends Paula Yardis (pastry baker), and Leeanna “Nana” Sisneros, this group of four ladies make an invincible and fun service team.

Enchanted Grounds has given these sisters the opportunity to work together doing something they enjoy, which also gives them the benefit of being closer together. They cannot emphasize enough the importance of family which is something they bring to the flavor of the café. Their ultimate vision is to bring a splash of something new and exciting to Raton in a venue that everyone and anyone can call their own.


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