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I am passionate about working with highly 
motivated entrepreneurs, organizations and towns to develop spaces and projects that makes a positive social impact within their community.


Broadcast Video Camera

Bringing Film to Rural NM

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Bringing film to rural New Mexico is a passion project with the possibility of impacting the future of Northern New Mexico.

This Private Public Partnership required building an experienced team, negotiating usage of a vacant
school property and finding funding for a forward
thinking, green tech project. 

Current Needs: Investors, Equipment & Filmmakers looking to get involved in building a rural film initiative. 


Ramel Family Farms 

Ramel Family Farms choosing Raton, NM was no coincidence, it was a successful match made by Jess. One of the Farms' owners, Kayvan, was investing in nearby communities and shared Jess' vision of a shared economy. 

Jess was able to help negotiate a Public Private Partnership between Ramel Farms and the City of Raton to utilize a vacant factory as the new location for Ramel's growing operations.

RFP Announcement.png
Ramel Logo.jpg

Ramel Family Farms will form the first employee-owned cooperative will practice indoor agriculture year round through a cricket farm providing a Frass export of manure as well as building commercial greenhouse operations to fill a food dessert need across the region.

Business Matchmaking:
Co-Brewing & Packing

Finding new uses for old buildings or assets is something Jess enjoys and has a record of bringing unique, innovative ideas to breathe life into empty buildings.  The Co-Brewing and Packing Operations created in an old New Mexico Armory required business matchmaking, a public private agreement that continues to grow in size and mission. 

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Theater +

Match Made

The El Raton Theater is a historic staple downtown. The theater was lovingly owned by three local families wishing to keep the movie theater open. 

COVID struggles lead the owners to make the hard decision to sell the El Raton.  Within 60 days of learning the El Raton was on the market, Jess delivered a handful of interested parties and ultimately brought the new owner to the table to keep the El Raton a community asset open to all for years to come. 

El Raton Theater.jpg

Downtown Matchmaking

SF Trail Building.jpg

Ramel Farms +
Match Made

Though much less direct, the addition of Ramel Farms helped Jess introduce a number of possible properties for a downtown market and grocer. 

Soon to be filled with locally grown vegetable and fruits as well as artisan goods made in the region, the SF Trail Traders building includes not only the location of the future grocer, but also houses a number of small businesses and the Zia Youth Center along Cook Ave.

Organizational Involvement & Training

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