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We work behind the scenes to help manage your online presence and raise brand awareness to help your business grow.

What's Your Online Growth Strategy?

What business "problem" keeps you up at night?

Do you have a long list of to do's keeping you from reaching your greatest profit potential?

Is your marketing really working for your business, or are you pumping out content and sales calls? 


Every person, business and community is unique - their needs are too. I hone in on unique assets and I entered into the world of small business ownership in 2015 and quickly realized I had found my "happy place". Even when business gets stressful or a project seems impossible- I work well under pressure. After launching several successful small businesses (and one failure to launch), I've put my formal training in marketing and real-life lessons in development to work with a track record of helping individuals, small businesses and even rural communities grow. 

Work from Home

Our Exclusive Difference

Understanding our clients' needs, brand values and goals that drive brand strategy takes dedicated time and effort from someone who cares, we care.

Forget automation and one-size-fits all services.
Jess & Co. is so hands-on we feel like a member of your team. It is for this reason 
we accept a VERY limited number of clients in related industries-
especially in the same geographic area.

Why? Because we are loyal to every client and want to ensure we stay a trusted, authentic partner. Client exclusivity leads to better customer service, less competition in your market place and an end result that looks as though each step, word and ad was carefully curated by the business owner and authentic to brand. 


Be found online!
In 2021 if you're not easy to Google, you're limiting your growth potential.


Identify your audience, where they are and create a online brand strategy. 


Improve your brand awareness using data and results to drive impact

Stop wasting time and money on irrelevant marketing.

Buying a House

Real Estate Teams
& Professionals

Wellness Shop


& Wellness Centers

Google is built for Business

Locally Owned Coffee Shops
& Eateries

What Can I do For You?

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