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Finding my Passion...

Do you ever wonder what you're going to be when you grow up? 
ME TO! In fact, I hope I never answer this question.. 

I'm a true adventurist who seeks challenge. I've learned that when I lose, it motivates me.  When I miss stretch goals I am inspired to learn and grow from the experience. 
It took me years and several career changes to figure out my way of overcoming failure and finding my hidden super power


Wither it be online or in person, I have a successful track record of matchmaking and helping teams meet their maximum potential.
I've successfully matched investors with their dream projects, strangers with their dream homes, doctors to the patients who need them the most and several friends to their soul mates (the last one is not a service I offer, but... ).

I have a knack for  breaking down complex systems, bending the rules and thinking outside-the-box to find creative solutions to help my people find their people - and Google is my #1 Tool.

Check out my crazy, fun and out-of-the-ordinary career path. You'll quickly see I've worked in a number of industries that have little in common, launched projects that seem impossible on the surface and have formed meaningful relationships that have continually lead to change and growth.


Because I know my talent is breaking down the complex to form relationships, I have recently added my team - my "Co.".  I teach my clients to do what they do best and hire talent to compliment the rest. I surround myself with the talent I need to help my clients achieve their goals and find their people in  a way that is organic and true-to-self. 

If my out of the ordinary approach to business intrigues you, you just might be one of my people. Let's talk!

I Bring People Together...

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