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A Successful Race to withdraw Census Boundaries

Bloomberg Magazine The City of Raton was successful in the bid to have a Census Track designated an Opportunity Zone - a district identified by the IRS as one to encourage development in underprivileged areas that investors may otherwise find too risky. The designation was a big opportunity for the small City to attract outside investment. That said, the City of Raton found themselves in an unfortunate predicament. The Census Track boundary that defined the Opportunity Zone literally bordered the downtown district, 500 feet away from the City's historic downtown. Knowing the Census Boundary was arbitrarily stopping development efforts downtown, the City of Raton went on a full-scale mission to move the Census Track boundary in question. The newly published 2020 Census reflects a changed boundary that has been moved less than 1% but now encompasses the downtown area and an addition 60 businesses not previously eligible for Opportunity Zone Credits. The unprecedented move has opened the doors for several successful developments in the Raton area.


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