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Hemp Processing: A Missed Opportunity

It is easy to celebrate the big wins, but quiet away from stalled projects. The article below from The World Journal highlights a project that never came to fruition. That said, the amount of work it took to recruit a Hemp business, negotiate a LEDA and create jobs should not go unnoticed. Hemp was not the right fit for the City's Armex building, not all projects go smooth. Jess can help deliver a project or help determine the feasibility and sustainability of a possible Public Private Partnership. Raton Commissioners hear about hemp processing

RATON — Raton City Commissioners met Tuesday evening Jan. 28, 2020 to hear about hemp processing, financial reports, and to honor Frankie Mahannah for his Melvin Jones Fellowship award.

Commissioners heard from Ben Romero, Capital Agronomics, Biz Core, LLC, about moving their hemp processing operation to Raton. Romero was quick to point out that this is hemp, not marijuana. The hemp is used for oils and many other products. Currently the operation has 240 acres of hemp production near Springfield, Colo. and are hoping to find others to grow the product.

Romero is proposing to bring his processing operation to Raton, and, with the help of the city, move into the Armex building, which is much bigger than their current operation in Trinidad. Romero said it would start out with about nine employees and could grow to as many as 20 in the next three years. Jessica Barfield, Raton Economic Development Director, along with Jason Phillips have worked with Romero to make this possible and will be seeking a LEDA grant to help with building repairs at the Armex. #EconomicDevelopment #RuralDevelopment #LEda


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