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Exclusive Services

Jess Barfield & Co.  is happy to provide some basic package offerings. That said, the magic happens when Jess & Clients work collaboratively to get a baseline of current online presence, Google performance and needs. We're happy to mix-match and customize our offerings to meet the needs and budgets of our partners.


A website is a requirement for doing business in 2021. If you don't have one, you're limiting your growth potential. We can help create the most simple landing page or the most intricate website depending on your needs. We utilize Wix for customers who want a website. Google also offers a dynamic webpage for businesses who need a website for presence. We can help you choose the right solution for your needs and get your bsiness online, quick.

Google Starter Pack - $500

This package is meant to help businesses and individuals get started with Google My Business OR Re-Configure/Take Ownership of an outdated or unmanaged listing. 

This package includes:

Google My Business Page Setup & Optimization

Keyword Optimization

Google Tag & Service Area Creation

Development of Backlinks 

Hyper-Local Driven Listing

This is a one-time setup package. Monthly maintenance and/or quarterly updates recommended & negotiable based on needs. Instead of monthly or quarterly maintenance, Jess & Co. also offers training to you and your team to take on the maintenance of your Google Listing for an additional fee.


Google Optimization & Ongoing Maintenance - Setup Fee: $350, $200/Mo.

This service package is meant to help any business or individual develop a solid, ongoing Google Presence.  This monthly program includes all Services listed above as well as the following:

Google My Business Page Maintenance

 Ongoing Google Keyword Optimization & Maintenance

Backlink Development with local Partners to improve SEO

Posting of Information or Updates & Specials

      - 1 Custom Google Optimized Keyword post/month created & provided

      - Additional posts uploaded at no additional cost if content is provided by the           customer, see adhawk service info for additional custom content options.


Google Ads - Setup $500, $250/mo. Ongoing +
% of Spend

This is where the magic happens and the matchmaking we're great at takes place. Can it happen organically? Sure! Is it likely, over time with dedicated resources.. maybe? Finding the right audience takes time. Google Ads changes that -  it gives advertisers the ability to find their audience and to be found by their customers easily without all of the behind the scenes, daily grind that social media takes. 

All Google Ads Partners are required to purchase and complete the Google Startup Package prior to utilizing Jess & Co. for Ads.  Having Google My Business and Google Keywords Optimized will make Google Ads successful. Without proper alignment money is spent and your ads are seen, but not always by the right audience. 



Ad Hawk Services

As Google Experts we understand every business has their own needs and personality. We're here to help and open to talk about your individualized needs.  Examples of AdHawk Services we offer include:

- Optimization & Management of Existing Google Ads Accounts

- Creation of Google Ads

- Google Keyword Optimization Services & Consulting

- Google Training Services for Marketing Teams & Businesses

- Ad Creation 

Google Services

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