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Hi, I'm Jess

Corporate Matchmaker & Google Growth Expert

What is that I do? 

I bring people together in an impactful way.

Successful Matchmaking Projects Include

Google Matchmaking of Businesses to Customers &
Customers to Products or Services

Public Private Partnership Agreements formed through successful matchmaking of impactful businesses to public incentives or funding opportunities.

My #1 Matchmaking tool is Google and I have clear strategies to help entrepreneurs, small businesses and rural  cities find their perfect match, whatever they may currently be seeking. 

Fairfround Events

Looking to Develop Your Community?

Big impact comes from intentional change. No matter the size of your community, town or project - failure to plan will more often than not cause you to fail. If you're looking for a solid foundation, seeking outside funding to complete your project or just innovative insights, we're here to help.

Housing Development
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Looking to Grow your
Customer Base?

Is your business easily discovered on Google? No matter the type of your business having a presence you can control online is imperative. No business is too small or brand too big to ignore their online presence. In 2021 if you're not showing up on Google in a big way, you're limiting your own success.

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